These Are Some Things That Can Damage Your SEO

SEO optimization is indeed an important thing at this time. There are many people who try to increase their business website traffic by using SEO. For that, they must choose the right SEO services. One of the SEO services that you can choose is agencia seo alicante. You have to choose a quality SEO service.

If you need SEO optimization, then you have to optimize it correctly. There are many people who are wrong in doing SEO optimization and they cannot increase their traffic. There are several things that can actually damage the SEO. These are some general things that can damage your SEO.

1. Hosting website is down
If you find it difficult to access your website or loading your website too long, then there are two reasons: the theme is too heavy and the hosting is not good. You need to change both of them to get faster website loading access as well as to anticipate that Google robots have no trouble indexing your website pages. The visitor cannot wait for a long time. If your website is too long to wait, then they leave it as soon as possible.

2. Your website design is bad
After all this time, Google incorporated the mobility of a website into the SEO component that must be considered, now Google gives an appeal to website owners to immediately make their websites appear properly when accessed via mobile. If the visitor cannot access your website on their mobile, then your website has a bad design. You must make your website available on the mobile.

3. The content is bad
There are some website owners who, for reasons of maintaining a brand, then make website content not support for SEO purposes, for example, a website that is full of flash, or full of images, or wants to appear very simple so there should be no text at all. Though the existence of text is needed for the SEO process.

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