The Mediterranean Diet Makes People Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in red meat and sugar. The concept of this diet comes from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, where people there historically consume foods rich in healthy fats and nuts. The Mediterranean diet food list is a lot healthier than other diet types, so that’s why it has been acknowledged as the best type of diet in 2019. Therefore, we highly recommend you try this diet soon.

The Harvard School of Public Health and an Oldways think tank then developed a diet program from the principle of the diet of the people in the country. Unlike the strict Keto or Atkins diet, the Mediterranean diet tends to be balanced and still allows the culprit to consume varied foods but still moderate.

In fact, this diet is healthy for most people including children and parents. Some foods that are considered capable of improving health include whole grain bread, fresh fruit, salads, nuts, olive oil, and salmon.

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