You Should Teach Your Child How To Avoid Sexual harassment

Body recognition must be done as early as possible, including by naming it right for their genitalia. Many parents choose ‘refine’ the terms of the body’s anatomy such as “breast”, “penis”, or “vagina” with words that they think are more acceptable. This method is wrong. In the meantime, you may want to hire the best private investigator if you’re worried about the condition of your child when he or she is not around you.

By teaching children the right names for each part of the body, they will be more accurate when telling what happened to them if someone harassed them. Using appropriate anatomical terms, everyone involved will understand exactly what the children mean to minimize the possibility of misinterpretation. For example, it would be much clearer if a child could report abuse that happened, “that person touched my vagina with his penis” compared to if he said, “that person is holding my chest.”

Teach children about boundaries

The main principle that you must teach early is that the body is private property, that every human being has the right to determine what they can and will do with their bodies, who can touch it, and how other people touch their bodies. The right of every child must be guaranteed and treated equally, as an adult.

Also teach that there are certain areas that should not be seen or touched at all by other people, with a note that if the child’s body condition requires to be examined by medical personnel, explain that this is okay because this examination is related to his health, and accompany the child during the examination.

Teach children to respect their bodies by teaching them to respect other people’s bodies. Teach children early to do nothing to others if the person does not want it. For example, if he tickles you, or his brother, continuously, you can simply say, “I don’t want to be criticized. Please stop, yes. “And make sure your children respect your decision. Teaching by example will be easier for children to understand.