How To Polish Car Paint

Caring for car paint does require patience and discipline. There are two tips for car paint that you can do at home, with polish paste and car wax. Both of these treatments use different products with different functions. Know the difference so you can take care of the car properly, or you may also hire the royal1 mobile detailing when you’re too busy to wash your car yourself.

Here’s the difference between the two:

Polish paste serves to:

Reapply dull paint due to stubborn dirt that cannot be removed simply by washing the car.

Lifting oxidized paint.

Disguise light scratches on car paint.

As a conditioner for paint so as not to dry, crack, and peel.

Wax serves to provide a layer of protection on the paint so that the paint is durable and more resistant in all weather.

Because of different functions, car polish is usually used before wax. Although both do not need to be used after washing the car, it is recommended to use paint every few months.

How to polish the car For maximum results, try these steps to polish the car:

Wash and dry the car before starting to polish, making sure there is no dry mud and dirt stuck to the body of the car because this can scratch the paint of the car when you polish it. If the car does not need to be washed, make sure the car body is clean of dust so that the finish is perfect, you can use a fine duster to get rid of dust.

Choose a shade. Park the car in the shade or in the garage so that the car polish product does not dry out quickly due to exposure to sunlight when applied to the body of the car. Ideally, polish paste stays moist as long as you polish. Polishing in the afternoon when the sun is not hot can also be preferred.

Use a dry, clean cloth to apply the polish paste. Just wipe a little and do it part by a small part of the car body gradually.

Gently rub the polish paste with a dry, clean cloth until the product is almost gone. Make a circular motion until the polish paste is thinning and does not leave marks on the car body.

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