How Do You Clean The Carpet Of Your Car?

Do you choose an auto detailing oceanside? If you detail your car, you can ensure that all parts of your car are cleaned by the technician. You must care about the interior of your car. Car carpets are additional accessories that are usually found on the floor of the car. This section is often dirty because it is directly facing your footwear. Not to mention if there are food and beverage spills that hit your car carpet. We recommend using a rubber-based carpet, do not use fabric-based car rugs. This is because rugs made of cloth are harder to clean and easier to absorb water so that it can make the layers of the car easy to rust.

If you have already chosen the type of car carpet made from fabric, you should routinely take care of it so as not to cause the car layer to become damaged. To clean cloth carpets with the right steps:

– Remove all carpets in the car!
– Then brush using a soft brush so that dust and dirt can be lifted!
– For stains that are difficult to clean, you can use a liquid stain remover
– Spray the liquid into the stained area of ​​the carpet and let it sit for about 5 minutes!
– Once dry and clean, you can put it back on the floor of your car.

You can also clean the rubber carpet easily. The following are the right steps to clean the car carpet made from rubber:

– Lift and remove the carpet in the car first!
– Clean the dust, dirt, and stains on the carpet of your car!
– Because it is made of rubber, you can wash it directly using special water and soap for the car wash. Use a soft bristle brush to overcome stains that are difficult to remove.
– Rinse using clean water!
– Dry the carpet to dry before you put it back in the car!

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