Considerations for Choosing Advertising Facilities to Sales

When you start a business, one of the steps you take is to determine what type of media is suitable for advertising. Because advertising has the biggest contribution to collecting sales results. There are two types of advertising media, namely digital advertising and conventional advertising. Each of these advertising media has advantages. If you are identified further, you will find that digital advertising uses two techniques, namely Online Search and Online Display. Online Search in digital advertising is often associated with the SEO that you offer on your website and social media. SEO is part of a series of efforts made by a person or company that is qualified in the web field and has a contribution in the visibility of web pages to be better in searches on search engines like Google, for example. The website that has been given SEO will appear on the first page of Google search results so that your website will have a great opportunity to be visited by potential consumers who can give you an advantage. While online displays are associated with advertisements seen on several websites and social media.

So what’s the difference with conventional advertising media?

The conventional media marketing strategy uses advertisements on electronic media kind of radio or television, print media, brochures, and personal selling. For now, conventional advertising marketing has undergone many shifts to a new marketing process with a more efficient quantity but is primarily in quality. Over time with the increase of internet users in the Indonesian community, business people should think again in using conventional marketing strategies. For business people who choose advertising marketing based on conventional methods is enough to make a product brand known to the public, but in reality in the market field, conventional advertising marketing strategies are less suitable to use or rather marketing in conventional fashion has no influence in the sales world, less likely to increase profits.

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